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 About Betting On Sports:
 Betting On Sports was created with one thing in mind - to help people avoid bad sportsbooks, online bookmakers and other sports gambling websites which may be operating on the shady side, and publish the latest sports betting odds and news which would influence the outcome of a sports competition.  Find U.K. licensed online sportsbooks and bet with confidence!

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 Football Betting, Bet online on football:
 Best odds on the football games - found and entered manually by our personnel, no robots or scripts. Click on a football game to see more odds on the match, if available. Click on one of the sportsbooks below to find the latest betting odds on the football games. Note, those betting websites are known to offer the best betting odds on football, horse racing, rugby, boxing and more. And for more info visit the best online bookmakers to get a great selection of sportsbooks.
 Betfair: The best sports betting website in Europe
 Betfair sports betting site

 If you live in the UK or anywhere in Europe and are looking for the best overall sports betting firm on the Internet, Betfair is the one and only place to go. From betting on football all the way to small-field horse racing events and political betting, this online bookmaker offers the complete package. In addition to the thousands of betting markets offered every day for sports betting, you will also enjoy plenty of perks, such as watching live football games absolutely free, many free bets bonuses and a new website for soccer betting on the web. Betfair offers the best odds and even backs up the claim with guarantee. As a matter of fact, the rest of the bookmakers listed on our sports betting guide are only here to supplement this top bookie. Clearly the best site if you are looking for football betting recommendations and the top odds you can find on the internet. Visit Betfair today and see for yourself how online sports betting should be done!

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 Betsson: Top football betting site
 Sporting Bet

 Up to 20% in free betting, Betsson is emerging as one of the top online sports betting websites. Not just football, but horse racing bets and cricket compliment your sports betting selection. Great Internet bookmaker and has a typical UK betting style, but has some country restrictions, although the entire EU can bet with Betsson. We vote this online sportsbook one of the best with confidence and if you love sports betting done with ease, this is the place for punters like you. It has a great selection of sports betting events, top betting odds and good free bets bonuses.

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 Unibet: Great sports betting website
 Bookmaker online football betting website

 This bookmaker offers free bet money for the players who open new betting accounts. Best odds not only for football betting, but for any other sport, as well as wide selection of special bets. Other great features include in-game live betting, and mobile sports betting. This is the best among the online sportsbooks in the U.K. and Europe. If you are looking for good U.K. online bookmaker to bet on horses or football, this is the sports betting website for you with best odds on those sports and it's hard to top that.

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 Sports Betting Odds and Previews:
 See the best odds and brief preview of the match plus daily Horse Racing Odds: The preview of the racing events at the following racecourses:
 About sports betting:
  This sports betting website was established a few years ago with the goal of showing EU and UK punters the best online bookmakers and highlighting some great odds on various sports, including football, horse racing and boxing. Check out the most recommended sports betting websites in the world and bet online with confidence.

 More sports betting:

Bodog Sports - Get 10% bonus on your first deposit. Great online sportsbook for betting on football games from England. After Bodog Sports is still accepting bets from USA citizens and they have improved drastically to match the more demanding European betting market, adding new currencies such as Euro and Pound - now you can bet online without any conversion.

Diamond Sportsbook - Online sports betting European style. The awesome bookmaker takes bets in all E.U. currencies and on virtually every soccer league from every country. Other sports are also very well covered, and the free bet of 20+ is worth taking advantage of this sportsbook.

 Latest football rumours:
  Everton are asking Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish 5 million for striker James McFadden.

  Didier Drogba heard saying Jose Mourinho's departure is messing up the spirit in the Chelsea locker room.
  Arsene Wenger set to walk out on Arsenal after vice-chairman David Dein's exit. (Daily Express)

  Liverpool and Chelsea are battling it out to land 10m Uruguayan defender Martin Caceres. (The Sun)
 Upcoming boxing fights and betting odds:
Date Fighter 1 vs. Fighter 2 1 2  
20 Mar   Susianna Kentikian v Elena Reid 1/5 10/3 Bet here
20 Mar   Sebastian Zbik v Ruben Varon 1/25 8/1 Bet here
21 Mar   Vitaly Klitschko v Juan Carlos Gomez 4/9 13/8 Bet here
28 Mar   Ryan Rhodes v Anthony Small 1/12 6/1 Bet here
05 Apr   Timothy Bradley v Kendall Holt 1/8 5/1 Bet here
 More sports events you can bet online on:
Bet on the 2007 British Open and odds -
The betting odds on the golf Championship, the 2007 British Open, have been posted by the online sportsbooks. (expired)


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 Thank you for choosing Betting On Sports for your latest odds information on the current sporting events around the world.

 We will continue to improve our website to bring you only the most accurate information. Keep in mind that our betting odds are manually researched and entered to deliver the best from the online betting websites. We have also added the portal monitoring the bookmakers offers for new players to our list of approved sports betting spots. You can use it to find a bookie to place you bets at, all of them are the very best.
 Major betting events and odds
 Formula 1 Betting Odds:
Formula 1 Drivers Champs 2011 betting odds:
Sebastian Vettel 2.10
Fernando Alonso 4.50
Lewis Hamilton 6.00
Jenson Button 9.00
Mark Webber 13.00
Nico Rosberg 41.00
M. Schumacher 41.00
Felipe Massa 67.00

2012 Formula 1 Constructors betting odds to win outright:
Red Bull 2.00
Ferrari 6.00
McLaren 2.50
Mercedes GP 34.00 

Formula 1 Drivers Champs 2007 betting odds - The following odds are on who will become the champion among the drivers, the 2007 Formula 1 season. (expired)
2007 Formula 1 Constructors betting odds - The betting odds on the constructors in Formula 1 for the 2007 season. (expired)

 Ante post football betting odds, To Win Outright:
Below you will find the best football betting odds on the upcoming competitions. The odds are on the football teams likely to win the competition outright, not on individual games. Take advantage of the future odds and if you bet on the right football team, your payout will be great. Again, these betting odds are on football teams winning the competitions outright, not individual match betting.

  2011/2012 UEFA Champions League odds to win outright


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  AC Milan 13/2
  Inter Milan 15/2
  Real Madrid 15/2
  Barcelona 15/2
  Chelsea 8/1
  Arsenal 12/1

  2012 Euro Champion


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  Germany 5.50
  Italy 6.00
  France 8.00
  Spain 8.50
  Holland 10.00
  Portugal 11.00

  Barclays Premier League 2011/12


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  Manchester United 1/1
  Chelsea 5/2
  Arsenal 9/2
  Liverpool 7/1
  Tottenham 66/1
  Aston Villa 100/1

  UEFA Cup 2011/12


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  Bayern Munich 4.33
  Tottenham 11.00
  Atletico Madrid 12.00
  Villarreal 13.00
  Fiorentina 13.00
  Everton 15.00

 U.K. Horse Racing:

2008 John Smith's Northumberland Plate betting odds

2008 King George VI & QE Diamond Stakes betting odds  

2008 Irish Derby betting odds  

2008 Darley July Cup betting odds  

2008 Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe betting odds  

2008 St. Leger betting odds

2008 Melbourne Cup betting odds

Bet these horse racing odds online.

 Tennis Betting
2007 French Open betting odds - If you want to bet on the 2007 French Open, we have found the best betting odds for Men and Women. (expired)
2007 Wimbledon betting odds - The 2007 Wimbledon is closing in on us, and the bookmakers have already published their odds on who will win. (expired)
2007 US Open betting odds - Even though the 2007 US Open is months away, betting odds on the tennis event are already out. (expired)
 This month's sports betting guide
Exotic Wager

Any bet other than a straight bet, i.e., parlays, teasers, if bets, reverses, round robin, round robin box reverses, etc.

Also see US football betting website for more on the subject.

Betsson sports betting


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