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2007 Formula 1 Constructors betting odds

The betting odds on the constructors in Formula 1 for the 2007 season. These odds are on who will become the champion among the Formula 1 constructors at the end of the 2007 racing season. To place bets or the view betting odds on individual races, keep an eye on our hoe page. We will post the betting odds for individual Formula 1 races in advance.

If you are a big BMW or Renault fan, now is the best time to place a bet on your favourite Formula 1 constructor, because the odds are outrageously great on those two teams.

2007 Formula 1 Constructors

Betting Odds by Bet365:

McLaren 1.40
Ferrari 2.75
BMW Sauber 101.00
Renault 201.00  


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