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 Online Casinos: Our picks for the best casinos online

 Some may question why the list of online casinos on a sports betting portal. Instant gratification, that's why. Betting usually requires a long wait until the results became known, while with the online casinos your wait is cut down to a second, you know if you are a winner almost instantly. And many punters do enjoy the casino games every once in a while (or more often). But here is something you may not know - following the ban on online gambling in the United States, many online casinos once catering to all countries cut ties with the U.S. gamblers and began the fight for the UK and EU players. And, sadly, many of those casinos decided to abandon honesty and common sense, ripping off thousands of players in the U.K. If you like playing online casino games, you should be very careful, indeed, or just pick one of the casinos below. Keep in mind that we follow the progress of the UK online casinos we list on this website, hence the selection could/would change every now and then, the same way our sportsbooks do. Here is the list of the online casinos we deem best visiting:

 River Belle Online Casino Bonus: 100
Play free casino games like slots, video poker, online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and more.
 This is the best online casino! It was one of the first online casinos ever launched and is one of the very few still in operation and thriving. It offers a 100% bonus offer on your first deposit (available in multiple currencies), but as a customer you will enjoy many extra bonuses, free gift baskets for the Holidays, comp points and much, much more. The reputation of River Belle Online Casino is as clean as it gets, we have found virtually no complaints throughout the gambling forums. It's also our own choice of online casino - we highly recommend River Belle.

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 Bodog Casino Bonus: 10%
Bodog online casino
 Bodog Online Casino has the best reputation among the gambling websites in the United States and recently has pushed hard to enter the U.K. market, successfully we may add. The casino offers 10% bonus on every deposit you make, that's right 10% bonus all the time. The website and the casino software are quite appealing and well maintained, all possible table games are available, as well as over 200 different video slots and poker machines. Bodog is not only an online casino, but a bookmaker and a poker room, as well. Very safe place to play your favourite casino games.

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 Here you have it - our short list of best online casinos. Of course not all casinos could be called the best and we honestly doubt that once you play at any of the two online casinos above you will have any desire to visit another. You can also find more online casino reviews for the UK player at this website. But keep in mind that most of the sportsbooks recommended on this website also offer online casino games.

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