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Betting on the 2007 Wokingham Stakes and odds

The 2007 Wokingham Stakes is one of the very exiting handicap horse races coming this month as part of the Royal Ascot. Ascot Racecourse has done some extra improvements this year to better accommodate its visitors - over 1,000 new seats, bigger TVs have been added, more bars and restaurants. If you have the chance to watch this race up-close, you will have a good time, tickets are selling fast, however.

The betting odds on the winner of the Wokingham Stakes are already out. As always, we scout the British online bookmakers to find who has the best odds on the 2007 Wokingham Stakes, and this year the winner is Bet365 online.

Who will race at the Wokingham Stakes and odds. The top contenders only:

Zidane - odds of winning 8/1 (9.00)
Hogmaneigh - 9/1 (10.00)
Knot In Wood - 12/1 (13.00)
Wyatt Earp - 16/1 (17.00)
Indian Trail - 16/1 (17.00)
Theann 20/1 - (21.00)
Intrepid Jack 20/1 - (21.00)
Baltic King 20/1 - (21.00)
Gift Horse 20/1 - (21.00)
Peace Offering 20/1 - (21.00)

Zidane is the favorite to win this year's Wokingham Stakes. The 2006 race was won by Baltic King with weights of 10 pounds (9 stones).

The 2007 Wokingham Stakes start on 23rd of Jun at 16:25.


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