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Italy Serie A betting odds

 The first round of the Italian Serie A will start on August 26th and is bound to draw a lot of attention from the bettors and sportsbooks alike. The betting odds on the Serie A are already published by many online bookmakers and we have found the best odds on the Italian Serie A at the U.K. online betting website Bet365 (opens new window). But we will continue to search only the top odds at the best bookmakers before each round of the Italian football. If you are big betting fan of the Serie A, bookmark this page for easy access to the best odds. If you are interested in the odds on the outright Serie A Champion for the 2007-2008 season, they are posted on our home page.

Serie A betting odds:

Betting Odds by Bet365:

Serie A games Round 1

1 x 2
Fiorentina v Empoli 1.35 3.50 6.00
Siena v Sampdoria 2.37 3.00 2.80
Parma v Catania 1.80 3.20 4.00
Genoa v AC Milan 5.50 3.50 1.53
Inter Milan v Udinese 1.25 4.75 9.50
Juventus v Livorno 1.33 4.20 8.00
Reggina v Atalanta 2.25 3.00 3.00
Lazio v Torino 1.61 3.40 5.00
Napoli v Cagliari 1.83 3.10 4.00
Palermo v Roma 2.87 3.00 2.30

The first games of the Italian Serie A start on August 26th.


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