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 Euro 2008 Odds: Betting odds on the Euro 2008

 it's that time again, the Euro 2008 football tournament is upon us and we will present you the best betting odds on Euro 2008, group betting and more. Without wasting any of your time, we go right ahead with the odds to win Euro 2008, as posted at the best British-licensed online bookmaker Bet 365 (official website, no U.S. bettors allowed). At the U.K. bookmaker Germany is currently the favourite contender for Euro 2008 trophy, listed with odds 7/2. The German squad is closely followed by Spain, who is holding odds to win Euro 2008 at 11/2. Next is Italy with odds 7/1, Portugal with odds 15/2 and France with long betting odds 9/1. great time to lock your bets, considering the favourite to win would pay your money three times. Here is the list of Euro 2008 betting odds at Bet 365 (to win outright):

Germany 7/2
Spain 11/2
Italy 7/1
Portugal 15/2
France 9/1
Holland 12/1
Croatia 14/1
Czech Republic 20/1
Switzerland 25/1
Greece 25/1
Russia 28/1
Sweden 33/1
Turkey 40/1
Poland 40/1
Romania 40/1
Austria 100/1

 Of course, betting on the individual Euro 2008 games and on who would win the football tournament are not your only choices. Group betting is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and here are the odds to qualify in each of the four groups, again, odds are courtesy of online bookmaker Bet 365. Group A: Teams in Group A - Czech Republic, Portugal,  Switzerland, Turkey. The two teams with best odds to qualify to the Euro 2008 quarterfinals in Group A are Pourtugal and Czech Republic. At the bookmaker Portugal is listed with odds 1/3 to go forward in Euro 2008 and the Czech Republic is next with odds 4/6. Co-host Switzerland is close behind with odds 6/5 to qualify for the Euro 2008 quarterfinals and Turkey is the underdog of Group A with betting odds 2/1. In the group forecasting betting the top four favourite outcomes are 1st - Portugal 2nd - Czech Republic 4/1, 1st - Portugal 2nd - Switzerland 11/2, 1st - Portugal 2nd - Turkey 7/1 and 1st - Czech Republic 2nd - Portugal 5/1 Bet. Group B: Teams in Group B - Germany, Croatia, Poland, Austria. The best odds on Euro 2008 Group B qualifiers are being held by Germany and Croatia. At bet 365 the odds on Germany to go forth in the Euro 2008 are sitting at very short 1/8 and Croatia is next with betting odds 4/9. Poland holds odds 7/4 to go to Euro 2008 quarter-finals, while the Group B underdog is the other co-host Austria with odds 9/2. In Group B of the Euro 2008 betting, the forecast odds for the top two in group are 1st - Germany 2nd - Croatia 15/8, 1st - Germany 2nd - Poland 7/2, 1st - Germany 2nd - Austria 8/1 and 1st - Croatia 2nd - Germany with odds 4/1. Group C: Teams in Group C - Italy, France, Holland, Romania. Group C has been named the "Group of Death" in the Euro 2008 and the odds are clear reflection of the toughest group in the European football tournament. Still, at Bet 365 the favourites of the group are Italy and France. The odds on Italy to be one of the top two teams in Group C are 2/5 and the odds on France are 8/15. Holland is very close with odds to reach the Euro 2008 quarter-finals at 4/5, while Romania is a big underdog in Group C with long odds 7/2 to move forth in the football competition. Euro 2008 forecast betting for Group C has the odds as follows - 1st - Italy 2nd - France 9/2, 1st - Italy 2nd - Holland 11/2, 1st - Italy 2nd - Romania 12/1 and 1st - France 2nd - Italy  with odds 5/1. Group D: Teams in Group D - Spain, Greece, Sweden, Russia. And finally, the Group D favourites to reach Euro 2008 quarterfinals are Spain and Greece with betting odds to qualify in the group at 1/5 and 11/8 respectively. Sweden is also 11/8 to win its place amongst the quarter finalists and the football team of Russia is underdog to continue to the next Euro 2008 phase with odds 6/5. The four most likely outcomes of Group D qualifiers are 1st - Spain 2nd - Greece with odds 9/2, 1st - Spain 2nd - Sweden 9/2, 1st - Spain 2nd - Russia 4/1 and 1st - Greece 2nd - Spain 8/1.

 More Euro 2008 Betting Odds - of course, there are literally hundreds of bets you can place on Euro 2008 at Bet 365. Among the more popular ones is who will be the tournament's leading goal scorer. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) is currently holding the best odds at 8/1, followed by Luca Toni (Italy) at 9/1, Miroslav Klose (Germany) at 9/1 and Fernando Torres (Spain) also with odds 9/1 to be the Euro 2008 top goalscorer. Another very popular bet on Euro 2008 is which two countries will meet in the final, here are the top outcomes and odds - Germany & Spain with odds 10/1, Germany & Italy 10/1, Germany & France 12/1 and Germany & Holland 16/1. Visit Bet 365 to see the latest match betting odds on the Euro 2008, bet on Euro 2008 and don't forget to take advantage of the 200 sign-up bonus.

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