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Bookie posts odds on players scoring against old team



William Hill have opened a book on which players may come back to haunt their old teams by scoring against them in this weekend's FA Cup matches and rate Berbatov as the most likely to do so for Manchester United against Spurs at Even money.
William Hill: Players to haunt their former clubs by scoring against them and also: (to score and their current team win)
7/2 Ramsey to score for Arsenal against Cardiff; 4/1to score and Arsenal win.
Evens Berbatov to score for Man Utd v Tottenham; 6/5 to score and United win.
11/2 Carrick to score for Man Utd v Tottenham; 6/1to score and United win.
5/1 MacAnuff to score for Watford v Crystal Palace; 7/1to score and Watford win.
5/1 Spring to score for Charlton v Sheff Utd; 8/1 to score and Charlton win.
5/1 Halford to score for Sheff Utd v Charlton; 6/1to score and Sheff U win.
11/2 Gillespie to score for Sheff Utd v Charlton ;13/2 to score and Sheff U win.
(The final 3 have all been at their former club on loan) (Halford is also on loan to Sheff Utd)
9/1 A Dozen Premier Clubs To Reach Round 5 ; William Hill have opened a book on how many teams will qualify for the 5th Round of the FA Cup and offer: 500/1-three, 200/1-four, 80/1-five, 25/1-six, 8/1-seven, 4/1-eight, 2/1-nine, 11/4-ten, 11/2-eleven, 9/1-twelve.
William Hill make Sheffield United, together with the winners of the Derby-Forest game, 9/2 joint favourites to go the furthest of the non Premiership clubs in the FA Cup and also offer 6/1 Wolves; 8/1 Coventry; 9/1 Palace; 11 Watford; 14 Burnley; Swansea; 16 Cardiff; 20 Charlton; Doncaster; 25 Millwall; 28 Hartlepool; Torquay; 33 Ipswich; 40 Kettering.
Double Joy For United Or Spurs?
William Hill have opened a book on whether Spurs or Manchester United will win BOTH of their forthcoming games in the FA and Carling Cups, and make United 13/10 to do so, with Spurs 28/1 to do likewise. **United are 2/5 favourites to win the Carling Cup with Hills who make Spurs 7/4.
WHO WILL SCORE IN CUP AND CARLING MATCHES? Hills are betting on which players may score in BOTH the FA Cup 4th Rd match at the weekend between Spurs and Manchester United, AND their Carling Cup Final (extra time to count), and make Ronaldo an 11/4 chance to do so with Jermain Defoe at 8/1 to do likewise. Players must start both games or bets void. TO SCORE IN BOTH GAMES: Cristiano Ronaldo 11/4 Dimitar Berbatov 3/1 Carlos Tevez 7/2 Nani 14/1 Ryan Giggs 16/1 Ji-sung Park 16/1 Paul Scholes 20/1 Darren Fletcher 25/1 Michael Carrick 33/1 Nemanja Vidic 40/1 Jermain Defoe 8/1 Roman Pavlyuchenko 10/1 Darren Bent 12/1 Luka Modric 18/1 David Bentley 25/1 Jamie O'Hara 33/1 Aaron Lennon 40/1 Jermaine Jenas 40/1 Jonathan Woodgate 150/1 Hill's odds to qualify for Round Five:
5/2 Hartlepool, 2/7 West Ham; 1/20 Chelsea, 8/1 Ipswich; 2/7 Hull, 5/2 Millwall; 1/10 Fulham, 11/2 Kettering; 2/5 Portsmouth, 7/4 Swansea; 2/7 Sheff Utd, 5/2 Charlton; 4/6 Sunderland, 11/10 Blackburn; 1/3 Coventry, 9/4 Torquay; 8/11 Crystal Palace, Evens Watford; 4/9 West Brom, 13/8 Burnley; 5/6 Middlesbrough, 5/6 Wolves; 2/9 Aston Villa, 3/1 Doncaster; 1/6 Manchester Utd, 7/2 Tottenham; 1/7 Arsenal, 4/1 Cardiff; 1/3 Liverpool, 9/4 Everton.
William Hill's odds to win the FA Cup: 4/1 Manchester Utd, 4/1 Chelsea, 6/1 Arsenal, 6/1 Liverpool, 9/1 Aston Villa, 14/1 Tottenham, 20/1 Everton, 20/1 West Ham, 20/1 Fulham, 25/1 Portsmouth, 33/1 Blackburn, 40/1 Sunderland, 40/1 Middlesbrough, 40/1 Hull, 66/1 West Brom, 80/1 Wolves, 80/1 Crystal Palace, 100/1 Sheffield Utd, 100/1 Burnley, 150/1 Charlton, 150/1 Watford, 150/1 Coventry, 150/1 Cardiff, 150/1 Swansea, 150/1 Derby, 200/1 Ipswich, 200/1 Nottingham Forest, 500/1 Doncaster, 750/1 Millwall, 1000/1 Hartlepool, 5000/1 Torquay, 7500/1 Kettering.
Hill's odds - 4th Round's highest scoring match (re-plays don't count): 11/2 Chelsea v Ipswich, 7/1 Man Utd v Tottenham, 8/1 Kettering v Fulham, 9/1 Cardiff v Arsenal, 12/1 Doncaster v Aston Villa, 12/1 Hartlepool v West Ham, 12/1 Sheff Utd v Charlton, 12/1 West Brom v Burnley, 14/1 Hull v Millwall, 16/1 Portsmouth v Swansea, 16/1 Sunderland v Blackburn, 16/1 Torquay v Coventry; 20/1 Wolverhampton v Middlesbrough, 20/1 Watford v Crystal Palace, 20/1 Liverpool v Everton. (Excluding Derby-Forest)
6/4 Big Four To Dominate FA Cup Final
WILLIAM HILL have opened a book on the make up of this season's FA Cup Final, and offer 6/5 that it will be between one of the Big Four (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United) and any other non-Big 4 Premiership side. 'With the Big 4's commitment to the Cup often in question these days it may not only be the draw that keeps them out of the Final' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
Hills also bet 6/4 that two Big Four sides will reach the Final, and go 6/1 that the Final will be between two non Big 4 Prem clubs.

Hill's full list:
1 x Big 4 team and another Prem team..... 6/5 2x Big 4 teams 6/4
2 x Prem teams outside of big 4 ........6/1
1 x Big 4 team and a championship team .....10/1
1 x Prem team outside of big 4 + a Championship team ........18/1
2 x Championship teams ......50/1
Any other combination...........80/1

SPURS are 7/4 to win the Carling Cup with William Hill after scraping past Burnley into the Final, for which Manchester United are 2/5 favourites.
Hills offer offer 25/1 that Spurs will WIN the Cup but go down and 12/1 that they LOSE the Final and also go down.


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